Grandpa Ed

Last week the Hermes family lost someone very, very special to all.

Edward Francis Hermes was a man who was many things to many people.  To myself and 11 others he was grandpa.  To my father and his brothers and sister he was dad.  But to all he was a great man.

I want to honor Grandpa by sharing a memory or two of the man that I knew.

My grandpa Ed was a generous, hardworking, fun loving man.  All who knew him knew that he worked hard for the money that he earned.  A trip to his farm on Mound Hill Road is all that it takes to see the years upon years of toil that he put in to provide for his family and the ones he loved.  This didn’t stop Grandpa from giving away his money to those who needed it.   He was quick to buy a toy for his grandkids- I will never forget the time that he bought myself and three of my cousins electric scooters, just because he wanted us to have a good time.

Perhaps one of the most influential acts of generosity in my life is how Grandpa helped me along my way through college.  When I would talk to him from time to time he would look me in the eyes and ask how my grades were.  I would reply, “all A’s, gramps” and he’d smile and say, “keep it up,” while handing me a check.  Although he wasn’t a man for giving compliments, that was the best compliment I could have asked for.

When I think about Grandpa, I think about the legacy that he handed down to all of those that he helped to create.  I don’t mean the physical legacy of goods and money;  I mean the legacy of character that each member of the Hermes family possesses that was created in the field and in the home, day in and day out, for years upon years.  The characteristics of hard work, generosity, and having a good time that exist in our family because Grandpa Ed paved the way.

So thank you, Grandpa Ed.  Thank you for paving the way for myself and all of my family to live a blessed life. Can’t wait to play some golf with you again someday.


“That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day….” 2 Cor 4:16


All of my grandparents.  Grandpa Ed is farthest on the right.



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